Lip balm packaging: 8 best practices

We’ve all seen them – the people who wear lip balm on their lips. It is a long-standing tradition of taking care of your lips to protect them from dryness and cracking. This can happen during cold weather months. With so many different brands available, it may be difficult to know which one will work best for you or your customers.

Lip balm packaging boxes is a huge business. It’s estimated that in the US, we spend $680 million per year on lip balms and related products. That number doesn’t even include the billions of dollars spent in other countries. 

There are many ways to make your product stand out in this competitive market. It also means there are lots of opportunities to mess up when you’re designing or picking your packaging for these products. 

In this article, we’ll discuss eight best practices for lip balm packaging design and give you some ideas about what makes great packages “pop.”

Include a list of Ingredients and Their Benefits

Many people are looking for lip balms with natural ingredients. They want to know what they’re putting on their lips. You can reinforce that by including a list of your product’s key ingredients right on the package or tube itself. 

The information should be presented clearly so that even someone who doesn’t have an extensive background in chemistry can understand it. Include all relevant information regarding active ingredients, preservatives, processing aids, etc. Keep it short but informative.

You don’t need to include every single ingredient if there are too many to fit comfortably. 

If you’re not the only one who makes this type of product, think about how your competitors would present their information. Be clear and thorough but don’t make it unnecessarily

complicated or difficult to understand. 

Well-Designed Labels 

They are especially important if customers will be purchasing lip balms online instead of in person. A customer might have questions that they need to be answered before making a purchase. So make sure all necessary details are included on the label itself. 

If you use too much text, it might be hard to read. Suppose the packaging will have a lot of colors or other graphics on them. Make sure they are legible against everything else that’s going on in the image so customers can easily identify important information. 

Make Sure It Fits Your Brand Image 

Consumers want your product to fit into their idea of what an ideal brand is like and how products should look when used correctly. You don’t need pictures of lipsticks with lipstick because this doesn’t tell anyone anything about the actual ingredients inside the tube. 

Make sure there’s plenty of room for creativity within these rules, though, since people enjoy both seeing familiar images as well as new ideas presented differently than before. 

Make the Packaging Easy to Open

A lot of lip balms are packaged in squeezable tubes. This is great because it makes the process of using your product easy and effortless for customers to use while also being more hygienic. 

Take Advantage of The Product’s Appeal 

People love beauty products. So, make sure you take advantage of this by having several different images that show off what your product looks like. Just have an image that shows how awesome the actual tube itself is. If possible, try to do both since both pictures will help get people interested in purchasing from you instead. 

Make Sure Everything Is Visible on Your Packaging Image 

This means that if there is text on the back of your container. You will want to include it in

your image. If there are ingredients or instructions included with using the product, then be sure you add this information into your picture as well. So, people know what they’re buying and how to use it when purchasing from a different company than yourself.

The photo should also show all sides of the tube itself, which includes showing off any label designs too. So, people can see exactly what kind of design choices were made by adding extra layers such as texture, color, etc. 

Be Creative and Unique with Your Packaging Image

People like feeling unique even though most likely everyone has owned at least one lip balm before. However, not many look down on their lip balm and see such a unique product as this.

So it’s important to be creative with your image so people know what they’re purchasing is special and not something you can find in any other store around the corner.

A great way to achieve this sense of uniqueness for lip products would be by adding an extra layer to the packaging. You can even include some sort of props that will leave additional room for imagination when using the product itself. This makes customers want more out of their purchases. Even if it’s just buying one tube instead of ten at once, be sure everything looks clean too without any scratches on labels, etc. which might make them look older than they are, meaningless sales down the road. 

Use Environmentally Friendly Materials 

Another great way to make your lip balm packaging stand out is by using environmentally friendly materials. There are many companies that offer green options for their products. It’s much better if you can be among them instead of neglecting the environment altogether. 

Products such as organic cotton, bamboo, recycled paperboard, etc., will not only save the planet but also look super attractive to new customers. Customers might want a longer-lasting product than one made from petroleum oil or paraffin waxes, which do more harm than good in terms of climate change and global warming.

The Final Word 

With the right packaging, such as wholesale customized cardboard boxes, you can make a product stand out in a sea of competitors. You may be able to get more shelf space and generate higher sales from your retail customers with the right design. This article has given you eight best practices for designing an attractive lip balm package that will encourage people to buy your products over others on the store shelves. 

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