How do I register a credit card for my PagBank account?

Learn how to add a new credit card to your PagBank account to make payments:

  1. Access the PagBank app;
  2. On the app’s home page, click Cards ;
  3. Select Register Free Card ;
  4. Enter the card number and validity and press Continue ;
  5. Enter the security code and press Continue again;
  6. Enter the data of the holder and click on Continue ;
  7. For validation, a charge between R$ 5 and R$ 7* will be made on the registered card. Click Continue ;
  8. Check the card statement and inform the amount that was charged. Confirm on Finish .

* Remembering that the charge is made only for validation and that the amount is refunded within 48 hours.

Plus: You can include up to 2 cards in your PagBank wallet. With your credit card registered you can make installments in up to 12 installments!

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