How to add and verify a card to send money on WhatsApp?

To make payments on WhatsApp, you need to add a debit card and verify it in the app. Know how.

WhatsApp launched its payments functionality and Nubank was one of the first and few institutions chosen to offer this possibility to its customers – which has been available to the entire user base since the end of June.

If you are not a Nubank customer yet, it is simple to have access to this functionality. In a few minutes and without a headache, you can open your account and activate your debit card, just click here .

In addition to all the ease, transparency and unique experience that more than 35 million Nubank customers already know, now you’ll also be able to bring your payments into the WhatsApp app – without paying anything extra for it.

The payment feature on WhatsApp is offered by Facebook Pay and processed by Facebook Payments and Cielo. This means that, to use this functionality, you must have a Facebook Pay account and register the cards you want to use to pay your contacts on it. 

See below how to add a payment method.

How to add a payment method on WhatsApp

To send and receive money from friends and family, you need to set up Facebook Pay and register your card. See the step by step below:

  1. The start of the registration process varies depending on your operating system:
    1. Android: in your WhatsApp app, go to “Settings > Payments > Facebook Pay > Continue”;
    2. iOS: in your WhatsApp app, go to “Settings > Payments > Facebook Pay > Continue”;
  2. Tap “Continue” to accept the Terms and privacy policies linked to the use of the payment functionality in WhatsApp;
  3. Create a 6-digit PIN for Facebook Pay;
  4. Enter your Facebook Pay PIN again to confirm it and tap “Next”;
  5. Now, you will configure your security options:
    1. If your operating system is Android: To use your fingerprint instead of entering your PIN manually, tap “Use fingerprint”. Otherwise, tap “Skip” to enter your PIN manually;
    2. If your OS is iOS: To use Touch ID or Face ID and you don’t need to enter your PIN manually, tap “Use Face ID” or “Use Touch ID”. Otherwise, tap “Not Now” to enter your PIN manually.
  6. Enter your name, surname and CPF and tap “Next”;
  7. Add your card details including your debit card number, expiry date and CVV code
  8. Tap “Save”;
  9. After adding your card details, you can verify it.

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