How much does Mobile Car Detailing Cost?

Cars are an important means to travel from one place to another conveniently and sometimes the excessive usage of cars makes them dull and dirty, due to which they require thorough cleaning. 

Detailing your car involves its interior, exterior, engine management, and also supports the car value. But, you cannot confuse car detailing with traditional car washing. Now, let us study more about car detailing and then Mobile car detailing in detail.


What is the meaning of Car Detailing?

Car detailing is a better version of the traditional car washing activity. The difference is just that it requires more labor and is done with better precision. It is performed by hand and every part can be restored to its original state. With experienced people, the products used will be of higher value and quality.

But, do you know what mobile car detailing is?

Mobile Car Detailing

One can define mobile car detailing as a tech-savvy means of washing your car as in mobile car washing the professional detailing services are brought to your location anywhere where you need it. Like all other appointments, you can schedule an appointment for it in advance, specifying the time and place convenience.

It is an excellent means to save time and manpower.

As we are familiar with our society’s culture, no luxury comes with a high price. So, the question might come to your mind: how much does Mobile Car Detailing cost?

How much does Mobile Car Detailing Cost?

Most of the companies providing you mobile car detailing service have packages including a variety of services that have their costs. The variation in the price depends based on the condition of your car and how much cleaning it requires and the size of your vehicle.

Typically the price may vary between $50 to $125 and $75 to $150 for an average-sized vehicle and an SUV or van respectively. This price range includes the basic services provided in mobile car detailing.

Talking about the basic services, the basic services include the following-

  1. Washing the exterior surface of your car and then drying it.
  2. Cleaning the dirt, mud, and grease from the tires.
  3. Sealing and waxing of the car surface.
  4. Polishing the car’s interior and exterior to give it a more furnished look.
  5. Removing the dirt by vacuuming the interior of the car.
  6. Cleaning all the mirrors etc- trim cleaning.

The other adds up the bill of your mobile car detailing depending on the quality and accuracy of service you wish to have. The add ons in the services might be as follows-

  1. Usage of a Superior Wax.
  2. Cleaning the carpets and roofs via steam cleaning.
  3. Removal of Dents.
  4. Leather Cleaning.

All these services individually range between $75 to $125.

Therefore, before going for a Mobile car Detailing ensure that whether your car is worth the process and expenditure. If your car is in okay condition then avoid car detailing as it would not do justice to your hard earnings. But, if the case is either way then car detailing is essential for you.

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